Boredom is the new death!

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What feels more disgusting than some monotonous hours when you’re doing simply nothing but dying over the fact you ain’t got nothing to do or don’t have a company? Going deeper into the chasms of your own thoughts can be mesmerising for dreamers but it entails a dire outcome to the fun-loving.

Some earthlings, on the other hand, have the ability to perceive this reality as quantum seconds passing by. They are so stoked on life and philosophies that they always have either a pessimist or an optimistic outlook. Having dreamt while awake as they tend to have a plethora of ideologies and opinions to tell you (which you seriously don’t care about). Would their self-proclaimed tenacity be culpable for boredom or it is just a silly phenomenon in your head? because a thousand things can trigger boredom. let’s find out.

Boredom is quite subtle in appearance, it arises from sleepless hours, lectures in college or even claustrophobic spaces. It can also be invoked on a fine Sunday morning or while running some errands. Boredom doesn’t exist, instead, it is a psychological headspace caused by the incapacity to experience pleasure. Pleasure arises from everything that fires the dopamine in our cerebral receptors the absence of which causes the mood to deteriorate and make us feel, well, shit!

The whole point is that our brains have become the slaves of our prejudices and sturdy beliefs we hold so dear. Each human brain differs in experiencing, thus you cannot perceive the same amount of information or stimulus when pondering over a fact or figure. For instance, your experience will differ immensely from mine when looking at a picture on a screen. It will be totally different for you than it is to me. These small subjective differences lead to many states of the mind we are emphasizing upon.

Lack of external stimulation leads to the state of immense loneliness which in turn give birth to the sense of being bored. When you are engaged in your favourite activity the neurons in our brain constantly fire up to tell us that it is the perfect thing to do. When the state changes the dopamine level of the brain decreases and the deteriorated neural activity further push us to feel crappy and lonely. Moreover, the key to avoiding boredom is nothing but self-control. When you don’t think about boredom it simply doesn’t exist.

Experts have pointed out the hazards involved with boredom. Some say that it could lead to a premature death while other scholars of neuroscience and psychology say that it could reshape the neural connectivity of some while brooding. Everybody gets bored, my dog does when it has nothing to do. The idea is to derive something beneficial out of it and that we can invent something out of the stillness. Ideas are born out of stillness, didn’t Newton find the Gravity while he was bored and brooding under a tree except it is shrouded in ambiguation.

A distracted mind wants to do a thousand things in a second but gets miserably exhausted when there is an absence of stimuli. You simply can’t arrive at the conclusion of what a bored guy/gal looks like or what traits could be attributed to it. People have been found drooling over a concert only to get drowsy the moment they reach it. Boredom is one of the most contrived states mankind has ever instilled in society.

What if predators went bored and stopped hunting? If birds got bored amidst their flight, refused to flutter anymore and fell down to their deaths? Such a boring death! Thousands of articles and websites focusing on eliminating boredom from your life can be found on the internet. But did they tell you that boredom doesn’t exist?

Studies, on the other hand, have revealed that boredom can also prove to be very beneficial to individuals who take it as a state of constructive thoughts. Dr Sandi Mann, the University of Central Lancashire and the author of The Upside of Downtime: Why Boredom Is Good, says Boredom is a fascinating emotion because it is seen as so negative yet it is such a motivating force. Dr Wijnand van Tilburg, another psychologist from the University of Southampton has in his research found that boredom entails an important function: boredom makes people keen to engage in activities that they find more meaningful than those at hand.

If you like to space out on a daily basis for an hour or two consider listening to zen music and lectures. It will not only uplift your mood and expunge the sense of boredom but also help you gain a better perspective on everything. You could even look at dirt and start contemplating its entire existence and where it came from and the future it holds.


Here’s what you can do to dissolve your boredom and never worry again.

Some great orators you could listen to-

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Ram Dass



Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


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If you somehow still don’t get past your boring state of mind, Go Sleep!


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