Hong Kong, I am a Superman

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Reached the nearest Travel Agent.
Asked him for the cheapest flight to Hong Kong.
Preference for the Direct Flight.
Window Seat, if possible!

The agent: Sir, I have a good package for you! 6 days and 7 nights with Breakfast and Dinner and Sightseeing and Round Trip Flight, only at Rs. 51,999/-.

Sir: Go for it!

Booking Confirmed.!

Sir John travelling to Hong Kong International Airport from Indira Gandhi International Airport on 15th of November, 2019 with a fleet of 200 Unknown Passengers.

He is being allotted an Aisle Seat, Seat Number 27C.

Sir John is happy, happy as he is travelling to Hong Kong for the first time in life.

Hong Kong has always been his desired destination.


Sir John is a retired Arts Professor from St. Peter Parker Super Secondary School. His wife died a few years back and his only daughter is married to Neil O Jacob, who is a Clerk at Antarctica Global Bank!

He lives in an apartment in Noida, Delhi NCR where he spends most of the time alone. Had a pet named Kilo, who died last year!

Now, he is alone, alone in a 3 Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen Apartment on the 5th floor.

Travelling has always been his dream. When a kid, he wanted to be a Pilot who could go around the world travelling through skies. Later, when he realized that he can not become a Pilot due to his flat foot, he changed his mind to become a Travel Guide instead.

He failed in the profession because he was not as quick and cunning to outsmart the other guides. He lacked the confidence, wasn’t astute enough to charm the visitors and customers.


He has no one to go with, so he did it all on his own. In his 32 years of service, he never got an opportunity to travel like a free soul.

“I always wanted to travel with my wife, but she always insisted me to travel when we retire! Today I am retired, but she is not with me. Maybe she is, but I don’t know!” said Sir John to our reporter from Mars.

Sir John is travelling alone to Hong Kong, with sad eyes. He still considers himself an 18-year-old teen who can climb mountains, cross rivers, seas and countries like a champ, but deep inside, he is all alone.

Knock! Knock!

The door opens.

It’s Sunaina, her doctor.

John: Hey Nina, I am travelling to Hong Kong. Will you join me?

Sunaina: Haha, no Professor. I highly recommend you, do not travel as you have some serious Cardiac issues. Things could get worse as you also suffer Asthma attacks often. Your heart can’t endure that!

John: Nina, my darling, I always wanted to travel and kept postponing for many irrelevant reasons, but now dear baby, let me live before I die.

Sunaina: See Professor, try to understand. It’s a serious issue. 

Sunaina leaves after some conversations and John starts walking down his memory lane!

Knock! Knock!

The door opens.

It’s the Food Delivery Boy from “Petmekeede”

John: Hey! What’s your name?

Vishnu: Kumara Babbu Shree Vishnu Aiyyappan.

John: From?

Vishnu: From “Petmekeede” sir. You called our Dhaba for “Teen Din Baasi Idli”

John: No bro, which part of the Country you from?

Vishnu: Sir, I was born and brought up in Telangana. My parents died in a car accident. I was sheltered by a Rickshaw puller. He provided all the necessities he could afford. Now, I am a student in DU as well and working part-time to keep my expenses running.

John: Great to know! Btw Vishnu, I am travelling to Hong Kong.

Vishnu: Great Sir. All the best and Happy Journey.

John: Thanks, Dude. You too my friend.

Sir John consumes his food. Lays back on his rocking chair and goes back down the memory lane when he first travelled from Kurla to Pune via train.

He was 6 at that time and it was his first solo journey. Today wants to share this happiness, his travel itinerary with someone!

He still uses a phone inhabited by buttons all over which can only make calls, texts people, has no photos to share, has no front camera.

But, he still has dreams, has the ambition to fulfil his desires, has a life to live, has a hope that, somewhere, his wife is with him. Still young and complaining…… thinking about the nostalgic memories, his struggles, his beautiful wife, his lovely daughter, his first travel, his mother’s first accident, his father’s job, his income, his doctor, his pet, his friends, his enemies, his assets, his failures, his ambitions and events he drifted off to sleep.

The next day was a charm, he had decided to finally take a leap of faith and visit Hong Kong despite his health issues. Not wasting a single moment he dashed toward his wardrobe, packed his bag and began smiling thinking about his journey. He makes arrangements for the ticket and dashed to the airport. Waited for almost ages to board the plane and sat on the seat by the window thinking why can’t trains fly?

Knock Knock!

Knock Knock!

Ahhh… it was a dream… Who is it now?

Hey, I am an Angel! I came to take you beyond the clouds, mountains, rivers, borders, the world, this isolation, this hard life, these problems, far away from this sadness.

John: Hey Angel, thanks! I am, however Travelling to Hong Kong on 15th, wanna join…

Working to create something real!

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