The Old Longings

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When young and delicate, we amid all the aches always got back on the track of life. Living in our own pretence that everything will go right as anticipated. The complexities of life are so embedded in us that we often forget of thinking out of the box. That’s what society has done to us. The dogmas we’re a prisoner to have shaped our whole being and continues to bother us to the very core. The paramount object of our contemplation is ‘Asha’, not that chick that is your childhood neighbour, but ‘desire’.


Desires can inflict tremendous pain to its subject and it is he who chose to be its prisoner in the first place. The human brain works in a very subtle manner. It longs for everything that the observer longs for, for instance, riches, fame, sanity and most importantly a long and healthy life. These are some rigid thoughts in one’s conscience that they cannot shrug or ignore even if they want to. One really has to become a monk or a Sufi to renounce all the yearnings and wants they accumulated all their life.

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Our minds are receptors, whatever is fed to them we believe it and hold on to that belief until our last breath. The story of life is a blip, a minuscule event that passes on very swiftly in the greater expanse of time. Of the billions of species ever existed since the dawn of time, a mind-bending 99.99% are no longer around. Life on earth is dismayingly fragile and so is the life of old men and women the likes of which we spoke about earlier in our article. The context of this story, however, is to understand the desires of such souls.

People who grew old, not young anymore and bent with time are wonderful creatures. They can teach us a lot than any other books ever written on life’s fantasies and lessons. Any insightful sentence that comes out of an old mouth is drenched in wisdom. The wisdom that would otherwise be elusive if we ourselves go in pursuit. The elderly can tell their own remarkable tales to anyone who really wants to listen and has the patience.

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What could an elderly man desire? Is it a lavish dinner somewhere or perhaps a boat ride? The ageing people desire gratitude and appropriate attention. These solitary creatures are highly influenced by our feelings and emotions. Not letting them feel special all the time break their hearts. As we are becoming too addicted to technology we are getting farther away from the ageing people. Their needs and desires are quite uninteresting to us to the point we can’t sit with them and talk about fancy things. The aged want a voice that has faded all the way up to their present state. Their cold little wishes can be fulfilled by us and it can put an immense sense of joy in them.

The Need

Let us tell them about our care and affection toward them, it will not only help them cheer up but also boost their happiness. If you encounter any old person stargazing or sitting blank remember to pat their back and ask if they wanted something to say, they are always in search of a warm company they can speak and giggle with. Old voices are a reservoir of lost and forgotten insights that we could cherish the rest of our lives. It would be remarkable to see the voice of one elderly soul reaching millions of youth, a feat which is not difficult to achieve.

Let us provide them with a way to be happy and joyous at all times for we are the young and the responsible. Let us laugh with them and voice their concerns. After all, that is what Kisssa is all about.


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