The Plight of the Age

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The old, the young, and the silent ones.

Age, a biological factor that renders an organism bleak and dilapidated. Weary eyes, tattered clothes, poor health, and a pale face. Reminds us of homeless “human beings”, but to our dismay, these attributes are now also found in elderly people who were once wholesome and lively, full of joy and health. What happened to them that they are leading this life of oblivion, paired with despair and thoughts of being forsaken going down their throats every time they take a bite of that yucky food.

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The aforementioned traits the writer referred to attributes to Mrs Bisht (Author’s Imagination). She’s an old, desolate, and lonely lady that is now condemned to live out her last days like beggars and so is a million others who have been murdered emotionally when sentenced this life of a loner. She has to lay her hopeful eyes on strangers to feed her, comfort her, do her hair, bathe her, and take care of her. Her children were her only hope to take care of her in these dark times when she is weak, old, and dependent on others to meet her daily chores. Instead, she is deprived of her true rights to be in the family amid her grandchildren, sons and daughters. Well, her sons come to pay a visit often, and that feels like a hundred years to her.

What about her close friend she made up in this old-home? Mrs Patnayak, her friend, who requires more attention and care than Mrs Bisht. She is a very old lady, bed-ridden with severe ailments and she’s been the same when she first came here two years ago, her condition kept getting worse. We do not know how long she will inhale the earthly air and finally venture off to the heavens as her children are not that compassionate to come to see her as is the case with Mrs Bisht’s children. Is that what you call compassion? You wouldn’t unless you are the authority itself. Who is responsible for the atrocities on these poor souls? Neglect? probably an enemy? Or our ignorance? The heart-wrenching reality about it is that the pain inflicted was caused by their own children, their own damn children.

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Ever heard the wails of those poor souls left in such homes, ever wondered what torment they are going through in these four walls and no one to call their own? Why would you? You are busy living your life full of toil and turmoil and think that only you are suffering the wrath of God.

To the contrary, it is millions of aged people who are bent beyond their capacity are suffering this and no one is concerned. The mother who was once dear to her child is left alone when the same child used to shove himself in his mothers ‘aanchal’ out of fear of his nightmare. The mothers love is eternal greater than God himself and there she is, crying and starving in a solitary place.

Whose Fault? – The silent ones
Are you the ‘ONE’ who feels like there is a superman or a wonder woman hidden inside you and that you can rid the world of evil, but still procrastinate? You seem to be a silent one, my friend.
The silent ones are the most dangerous entities. They are so silent that even if they see something uneven and bad they don’t take action. The old are suffering their silence every moment.

The Young
The young today, are intricately connected to technology and addicted to their narcissism that they don’t realize what they are missing in their whole being. They think highly of themselves and believe that the world is wicked and wants to shame them at every instance. Deeply disconnected from elders, they live in their own self-proclaimed kingdom of fantasies. Totally ignorant of the drastic situation of the old.

The Old
You already know their condition. The article puts an emphasis on their state.

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Unlike ‘The Golden Estate’ where millionaire children forsake their old ones into a life of unemotional attention, aid, and overall a blissful life to live, the aforementioned old ladies are bound to suffer the grave loneliness with no one to share their pain with. Homestays, like the one mentioned above, persuade millionaire children to spend more than 2000k-5000k just to put their old there with all the lavish amenities one can get. So much for the riches but all old ones are not so fortunate. The trauma they endure is indeed unimaginable. They will eventually leave us out of desperation and misery but who cares? You would rather care about binge-watching ‘Mizapur’ or perhaps ‘Hunger Games’.

What if these weary old ones had a way to earn a livelihood?

What if these old people despite their pain, despite their inclinations and orientations had a way to tell the world how they feel like?

What if the old could let millions of people know how they looked at the world when they were young?

They would if ‘The young’ and ‘The Silent Ones’ take action and be their voice.
Be tuned something’s coming for you. Get ready for the never before said or heard “Kisssa”.

The writers intent is not to disrespect or insult the homeless people or the old people, or any particular organization. It has been portrayed, through a careful selection of words, about how painful the world can be. No authority is being ridiculed in this article. Any resemblance with any person, persons in this plane of existence, this universe, is merely coincidental and purely fictitious.

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