Being Busy is a Cliché

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The most common D I A L O G U E we come across in this life is:

This sounds strange, and little heartbreaking, when with some expectations, you make an approach and find the person, Busy, and that too, almost every time. Is it about the priorities? Or about some patterns or adaptability to this ultra modern lifestyle?

Our expert from the North Pole conducted a small survey and concluded some really interesting, common and unexplored results! Here we go!  

Megha texted Sammi for some money.

Sammi meanwhile, waits for a call from Bindiya as he plans to take her out for a date. Saurabh, her boyfriend, has already dropped some messages to her and awaits her reply.

Bindiya, who is unaware of Sammi’s surprise waits for Neha, the class topper, for notes.

Neha is waiting for Aman, who is waiting for Sadaf, who is in the office, waiting for her boss to share the client inputs. The Boss is trying to connect with the client, who is with his with his beautiful secretary, in his farmhouse, waiting for her to come out from the shower. The beautiful Secretary is trying to call her roommate, Rukhsar, who wants some money from Megha, who is not answering her call!

“The circle we call life”

So, the conclusion is, everyone mentioned above, is BUSY!



Sometimes, we are busy with irrelevant reasons, like watching a favourite series of countless seasons on Netflix, or scrolling Instagram feed, and even worst, doing nothing and daydreaming.

And it is trending, but unobserved.

Why are we busy?

Yes, there are obvious reasons people get busy. Being busy may be due to self-development, office work, being productive for self, some consider a sign of maturity as well, and a lot many reasons. However, recently, it is been observed that people are busier than ever before, even if they have nothing to do. Here are some reasons we found while we were on Mars:

0.  We are busy when we are unorganized: This is common to almost all.
Eg. Vivek Pratap Shrivastav plans to wake up at 5. He sets up his “iPhone 7” alarm. While lying on the bed, he streams Mirzapur, gets scolded by his Papaji, puts his phone in silent and sleeps.

He then wakes up at 9:13 am. All his plans of Jogging, hitting the gym, yoga, proper breakfast and proper grooming, all in vain. He quickly gets ready, eats nothing and hurries to his workplace.

With people like Vivek Pratap Shrivastava, it is hard to expect time, because they are already messed up altogether. When a person has a lot of expectations with him which he fails to deliver, he tends to ignore people and is mentally over-occupied planning for next and guilty for the rest. So, if his girlfriend texts him and he fails to reply, it does not necessarily mean that he is flirting with his maid, but he might be planning for next day or he is imitating the character of, perhaps, Kaleen Bhaiya.

1. When we are organized: Ok, this contradicts my previous point. I can explain here.
With an example!

Rani Roshni Kumari is so organized, that she has allotted half an hour for texting which includes time on Instagram, posting pictures, status, WhatsApp replies, and some quick snaps.
Now, if her brother requires some bucks and he drops a message, dude, better look out for easy loan with Dhani.

Organised people are happy, smart and their organized attitude keeps them ahead of the crowd. Their attitude toward life is different as they are more self-loving and honest.

2. When we are upset: Yes, this is important!
When we are upset, we tend to ignore even our best of friends. There can be many reasons behind it, but when someone is, he is already mentally stressed which may lead to his unresponsiveness and isolation.

3. When we have a lot of work: This needs no explanation! The heading says it all.

4. When we have no work: Again, when we have no work, we live in guilt. ‘No work’ here does not mean that we are done with our work and can now relax. No work here indicates, having nothing to do! Now, why does this happen? This is interesting. When we have nothing to do, our mind wanders in all directions, to get some stability in life. We gravitate toward exploring everything that comes our way, over think, over expect, get anxious, get frustrated and a lot much that we do in the name of solitary confinement. These states sometimes take us in the mode of “NO RESPONSE ZONE” after having tried our hands on almost everything and failed in each.

5. When we seriously don’t want to talk: Aditi Dhananjaya Malik(Kim) does not like Pintu Raj Saarangi (Suneel Bhaiya) to disturb or poke her unnecessarily. Perhaps she finds him ugly and irritating, but Suneel Bhaiya has a set routine of broadcasting “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, “Good Evening Dear Friends”, “Good Night dear” DAILY. Anyway!

We represent “The Peace and Love Community”, based in Jupiter. Thus, we can only request not to conclude anything on the green tick of the WhatsApp. Maybe, the receiver is decoding a fan theory for ‘Avengers, End Game’!

Don’t feel ignored, and if you feel so, just read the comments we get on this blog, you will feel better.


P.S. All full names are Hypothetical.

P.S. 1 Please stop sending forwarded messages.


Bonus: Ahead of social media, take out some time for your family as they will be there for you always. They will not leave you even if you are busy or broke!


Working to create something real!


  1. No one can do better than u…conveying such a deep thing in the funniest way possible ….
    Mirzapur references are the highlights..
    Good luck.

    1. Happy or Not well when u medidate on this question, you browse and think about all your great and sad moments….it depends also on what are you expecting from life, ….well too much to developp and argue ….☺️🙂🙂🙂

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