Happy? Or no?

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Photo by Davide Baraldi from Pexels


Ever wondered what it is like to scale up and down the streets and aves with
 tiny paws? Ever found joy in tiny moments or contented with small things?

It is quite a miracle to see a cat who adores and want to befriend every
creature but such was Lily, a normal feral cat, an appreciator of modern art
and an enthusiastic explorer. Sitting in front of murals and street graffiti,
staring them for a couple of moments and then moving ahead on a daily
 adventure and search for food, she was a cat full of energy and optimism. She
 made a whole lot of friends in her journey of life; people, fellow cats and dogs
 too; friends who loved her as a family member.

Catnip Camera, © 2010
Catnip Camera, © 2010

Scavenging for food and a place to rest was a daily challenge for her. 
Sometimes she would receive food from a generous passer by’s while other
times had to scavenge for herself. Hanging out on tree branches and 
listening to street performers constituted to most of her free time.

Being a cat, she didn’t enjoy the rain showers and usually found a dry place to 
rest and wait until the rains stopped. The post-showers environment was her 
favourite playground and she was mostly seen hunting hoppers and watching
 the aerial views coming to life after the rains. Neither a worry nor any ailment
to care for, she was a typical “Lone Wanderer”.

With time passing by, Lily aged up but none of her hobbies changed. Life was
 enjoyed by her to an extent most of us can’t. People and fellow cats still loved 
her & dogs still adored her as one of them, even after a quite a long time, with some rare quarrels. Her activities remained as energetic and full 
of enthusiasm as they were when she was just a kitten. On a summer evening,
 she ate some food she got from the neighbourhood and enjoyed the sunset, 
the last most beautiful sunset of her life…

Lily set an example for every dweller of the avenue that it is not always the
 most expensive of the luxuries, travelling to foreign lands or having late
 parties to enjoy the life. Finding contentment from and savouring the tiny
things & moments is what makes one’s life remarkable. In today’s hustle, we
 are worried about almost everything, which cannot be stated as wrong but
 finding joy in tiny moments can help make our lives better and happy 


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