Human, the Evil: Part 0!

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Have you ever tried to stab your own mother? Or peed on your own food before eating? Or something more interesting like burning your own kid?

This sounds sinister and deadly, really?

Come on, this should not bother you because it is pretty common, and in fact, considered as cool, you will consent to it in this series!

We are doing this daily, unintentionally, we are participating in spoiling the only place and source of living, in many unexpected and unplanned ways.

As a dialogue from an old movie, Roti, the only person who can hit a stone will be the one who never sinned! And all stood blank.

If you buy a pack of chips filled with ***, you, of course, contributed to your fat and the polythene remains are dumped on land! Good things come in great packages, don’t they?

Don’t you think that both the chips and the packet are very harmful to us? The oily fat to us and the chips packet to the water and land alike. Ok, will not bother you for chips, but for the P A C K A G E? Who should be held responsible here?

Being destructive in nature we don’t bat an eye to what we do to ourselves and the environment. Taste buds are the priority, and getting rid of that pack is very necessary, huh!

And we just participate in a series of events, unknowingly, in fact, carelessness! Let’s take a live case.

Scene 1: Amit buys a car, collects his friends, grabs some Alcohol, two packs of Cigarettes, Pizzas and Kebabs from a nearby shop. “THAT’S COOL”

Scene 2: Racing and Cursing time! From the Heart of the city to the Highway, a 21Km cruise!
Friend 1: These A*** $%#%^&@^$ have polluted this city so bad that it is hard to breathe! The city is killed here.
Friend 2: Don’t worry, we are heading to the highway! It’s peace there.
Amit: Guys, “open the bottle”.
They start drinking in the car while driving! “COOL AGAIN”.

High music! Windows closed! No Seat Belts! Speed between 70-100! Lit Cigarettes and so-called “The Life With Friends, Heaven On Earth!”

Scene 3: There is traffic Jam in the city. A biker overtakes them and they get imbalanced.
Amit: In his mother tongue,” AB KYA MAR KE HI MANEGA, CH***Y*!”

Meanwhile, they throw all the leftovers on the road! “SERIOUSLY, ON THE ROAD? WHO CARES! COOL THOUGH!”  

© Shutterstock / jeandum
© Shutterstock / jeandum

After rash driving, drinking and smoking, they arrive at the highway. They lit up some polythene and papers to create a “BONFIRE” feel to have Kebabs and the remaining “LIQUOR!”  “WAO, DREAMY!”

Scene 4: Amit and “The Friend 2” is looking for some wood and the third friend is in the car enjoying the Bass and the air conditioner!
Amit: Let’s cut that Babool plant to retain the fire because we cannot find more to burn.
Friend 2: Cool!

They destroy a plant. They try to burn it, but the fools forgot that when trying to burn a live plant with wet wood, it is quite an impossible task!

But, I am sorry, I called them fools! They had Liquor to the rescue!

They wasted half a bottle and almost all the polythene nearby to get the real feel!


Ok! I stop here! No more sarcastic accuses to these innocent teens with a similar social conditioning!
However, this is a harsh reality we are witnessing. People are ignorant and careless, not because they want to burn the hell out of mother earth, but they learn from their surroundings, family and especially “movies”.  

The true meaning of celebration is changing! Gone are those days when celebrations were shared with family where the mother used to prepare some sweets and good food. This may be due to Kaliyuga, but who knows, as Kaliyuga’s concept is also a human creation.

People opt for comfort or momentary pleasure over their life.

Some visible threats:
0. Non-Drinkable River Water: Reports are scary as the river water is not in a condition to even be considered for bathing! The bestseller Novel of 2100 will be titled as “Humans, who don’t deserve water!” Industrial waste, Religious waste, Untreated Sewage are some of the most common problems that lead to water pollution

An article published in Hindustan, New Delhi EditionHindustan, New Delhi Edition Date: 3rd December 2018

When asked with a few, the “innocent people” miraculously knew the culprit behind all these and it was, of course, the Government! It is the government which runs industries, dumps religious waste and it is the government that sucks all the healthy elements from the water and leave us with the pollutants. Indeed, a lot is to be done, but we as humans are also responsible for this! BUT WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT!

1. Killing the Soil: Improper waste management is one of the most visible threats to mankind. Throwing Polythene waste away is a direct threat to the soil, plants, trees, animals and even us. Why are we not realizing it? Some of the main causes of soil pollution are waste disposal, contaminated groundwater, agricultural chemicals, mining, construction and its waste and a lot more to consider.

to be continued!


It’s time to change! Let’s do it for generations to come.

P.S.: We did not disclose the name of Friend 1 and Friend 2 because one of them is the Maternal Son of the local MLA and the other’s dad is a Sand Mafia’s relative! So we do care about our lives! Though we care about nature too. 😀

P.S. 2: We did not disclose Amit’s full name because if we do, The Kumar’s will be after our lives! So we kept the full name of Amit as a secret and tried not to defame any particular rich guy!

P.S. 3: Both P.S.’s are purely author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

BONUS: You don’t pay taxes, ridicule officers, mock politics, defy the law because the government is doing nothing! Ok! Go ahead, do it yourself then.


Working to create something real!


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